Searching for Animals in Alaska.

The biggest attraction of being Alaska was searching for any wildlife that might be walking around. While we were in Juneau, we went on a whale watching tour. We saw a couple of whale fins in the as well as a couple of sea otters, seals, and sea lions. We also stopped at a crab box and pulled it up to see what was in it. There were some hermit crabs, some sea urchins, and a bottom feeder fish. The tour guide had to be careful when handling the fish as it had a spine near it’s tail that could stick him if he wasn’t paying attention. There was a sighting of a pod of orcas and we tried to catch up to them but they were too fast for us. Too bad, I was hoping to see some while I was there, even if it was too early early for orcas. In Denali we saw some moose and birds’ nests.

Throughout our stay we saw several bald eagles and some ravens. One bald eagle flew straight towards the bus and flew up over us. I wish I’d gotten a picture or a video, it was so cool. The ravens were pretty big, a bit bigger than crows but much more sleek and very smart, apparently. One of the indigenous tribes in Alaska tell stories of the raven and even have an origin story of a raven opening up a clam shell to release man into the world.

One thing we didn’t see while we were there were bears. Everywhere we went, I kept my eyes peeled against the window, hoping to see a flash of brown or some movement, but to no avail. Even though they were up and about, they weren’t moving too much, from what a couple people have said. Since they just got up from hibernation, they were their full bear self just yet. Understandable but sad for me.



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