Buying Books vs. Borrowing Books.

Photo by Daniel on Unsplash

Since I read fairly regularly, I should probably answer the age old questions that readers sometimes ask themselves and then answer:

Do you prefer buying your books or borrowing them?

Surprisingly, I feel complicated about this question for a lot of questions. Since I’ve worked in a library system since I was 17, it should be an easy answer to say that I prefer borrowing them. And I get the benefits of borrowing books: you save hundreds of dollars a year from borrowing books. When you’re done reading it, you can return it without any real investment except your time. And if you didn’t like the book you read, you don’t have to lament the fact that you wasted $20 on the book.

And don’t get me wrong, I check out a lot of library books. It’s just that, I prefer owning them. When I borrow a library book, I feel pressured to get it done in the time allotted to me and I end up not enjoying the book. When I own the book, I have more time with it, especially if it’s over 300 pages. I enjoy the book more and everyone’s happy.

And since I’ve worked for so long in a library, I’ve seen how gross some of the books get after they get returned. Because of this, I’m a little more hesitant to bring them into my own house.

The only thing I prefer borrowing to buying is library movies because how many people keep a stack of DVDs at their house anymore? I prefer streaming or borrowing them.

What is your preference? Do you prefer buying your books or borrowing them?



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